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Gullah is Life over Death

(Me-die-sin) has no healing powers but it does have many horrible side effects. (read the fine print) The healing methods of the Gullah Geechee are tried and proven many times over, but you have to know how to find the people with the sacred knowledge of the spells and incantations of the Gullah culture. Everyone please meet Michael. You are looking at a man who will not be dead within two months he will be alive. Our God is a mighty God and only He has the power to give Life and deliver Death. Gullah is an action word of Love and Life. Our God has is a merciful God and a healing God. Our God Yah has already healed Mike and we will have another miracle story walking in our mist, right here in the Holy city. Boi Look Yah, Mike its your time to shine. Let’s go and “Get Our Gullah On” …. Stay tuned for the healing powers of Yah and the healing of Mike and his battle against the wicked devil named Cancer. We will be seeing another picture of Mike after his cancer has fully been conquered. He will not die but he will enjoy Life and he will live. Gullah Geechee, Boi Look Yah.  ]]>

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