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Charleston black tour operator arrested for taking pictures on the slave auction market


Charleston is known for its secret history, and it is commonly called “The City with The Hidden History.” Charleston does not like to talk about its most significant history which is known as the unmentionable, the “S” word, “SLAVERY.” It remains the unmentionable word for most of the white tour guides. In the number one city for slavery, most of the white tour guides talk about everything—architecture, hurricanes, lords proprietors, pineapples, pirates, wars– anything other than the reason for everything just motioned, Slavery. Charleston has been giving the same tours and the same tour guide tests to promote scripted tours for more than forty years. Finally, the Gullah spirit is speaking for itself (Isaiah 58:1). A black-owned Gullah tourism company is telling their own history, instead of wealthy plantation descendant tour guides telling their inaccurate version of the Slave’s history. If you want a real authentic Charleston tour experience, you must take a Gullah Geechee tour. It is the only place you will find Charleston’s Only Native Charleston Gullah Historian. There is no other tour offered in Charleston like this Gullah tour. It’s the true history of Slavery that you have never heard and its the history that you will never forget. More than eighty percent of all the slaves that entered America, came to the New World by entering through the Charleston Gateway. (source: Charleston Tour Guide Training Manual, p.150). Charleston tourism is Slave History, although most tour guides purposely avoid the word. The Willie Lynch Letters restricted the proper teaching of the history of the Slaves. (source: Willie Lynch Letters). Black African American Slave history is still being restricted in Charleston to this very day. The true history of Black African American Slavery is so significant that only an authentic Gullah Geechee historian can properly handle its impact of Charleston and its hidden spiritual messages and secrets. Gullah Geechee tours focuses on the Truth about Charleston’s Slave history. Godfrey the Gullah man gives the Slave’s history through the eyes and perspective of the Slaves. Because this company offers a totally different perspective on the history of Charleston, the city is again attempting to silence this black owned tour operation from speaking the truth about the city’s history. Charleston has been giving the same canned speech to tourists for more than forty years, and the city is now in a quagmire to “Maintain the Lie,” and to protect its tour guide training “integrity” in order to protect Charleston tourism from its true history. The tour guide manual was not updated to a second edition until 2011. The first manual and the second had a black history section of only nine pages in a five-hundred-page book. One of the many condescending historical notes was for prospective tour guides to learn who was the first black man to successfully ride a bicycle. Until this past year, there were only six black City of Charleston licensed tour guides and over seven hundred white City of Charleston licensed guides. The Gullah Geechee tour is something completely different that the city does not want to be seen. On this tour, you will never know what to expect. While driving you through the Holy City, your guide points out the true ancient secrets of this political powerhouse that has proven to be a dangerous journey for Charleston blacks. The secret society of the highest order of the New World hides their signs and symbols throughout the Holy City. Many, many historical and biblical secrets are revealed on this Gullah Geechee tour. The Great Eclipse just showed himself over the Holy City, because now is the time of the lifting of the Veil. On this tour, the secrets of “The City of Secrets” is unveiled for tour patrons. Because of this, some key city officials, through crafty counsel (Psalms 83:3-4), have banned this tourism operator from many key historical landmark areas in order to stop Godfrey from sharing the true history of Charleston with the people of the world. The Charleston City Police Slave Patrol arrested Godfrey for interrupting a Slave Sale that was taking place on the Charleston Slave Auction Market. Charleston city police Slave patrol recently issued a warrant for the arrest of Godfrey. The court date came. Things are not totally clear as to exactly what went on in the courtroom on that day of Tuesday August 21st. Documents show the judge entered the courtroom and sat down then began deliberating on the case. He spoke loud with a stern look on his face. With sharp direct words, the judge made it clear that he meant business and had intended to make an example of this black man that dared to challenge the city’s Jim Crow laws and the Charleston confederacy. The judge called up his friend known as the victim. His name spelled Chrissy Littlerock. The black boys that make the sweetgrass roses on the slave market all know him as Mistah Burdens. He’s the mean old white man with the devil in his eyes, or at least that’s what the sweetgrass boys say about him. Chrissy Burdens (Chrissy Littlerock) stands 6’ 4 inches and weighs more than 246lbs, which is twice the size of Godfrey. The judge looked at Burdens and allowed him to speak his case. Burdens rambled on about how Godfrey violently attacked him and caused his nose to bleed as well as all sorts of other pain and discomforts which caused him to miss many days from work all while shouting crazy witchcraft voodoo spells. Documents said Chrissy also had doctors testify that his nose was indeed smashed in by a wild Voodoo Gullah Man while he was indeed putting a Spell on Chrissy and his lady friend. Godfrey was represented by a Charleston attorney named David Aylor. While the confederate Burdens was talking with the judge, David Aylor noticed something interesting on the court documents. David leaned over to Godfrey his client and pointed to his name on the document which spelled G o d f r e y. Then he slid his 24-karat gold mont blanc pen over to another name. The name on the court document spelled ‘Mene, Mene, GULLAH JAC, Tekel, Upharsin’. Godfrey whispered to his attorney to have the judge read what he sees, and to ask him to speak the “Spelled” words he sees on the paper. Aylor looked perplexed. He asked Godfrey, “Do you know why the name GULLAH JAC is next to your name?” Godfrey replied, “Some times one must close his Eyes in Order to See. Now have the judge see and speak the names and Spell them as they are written.” Then GULLAH JAC looked at David. He then looked around the courtroom and smiled, saying, “Can’t you See all the mighty Angels scattered about this courtroom David?” David sighed and said, “Godfrey, not again and certainly not now.” He then asked the judge if he could have a moment with his client in private. The judge strongly denied his request! Chrissy could hardly contain his laughter. David then asked the judge if he could approach the bench. The judge said “Approach”, and David did so. “Your Honor, will you please pronounce the name of the accused as it is Spelled for all the people in the courtroom to hear?” The judge looked at his paper then looked across at Godfrey. The judge’s countenance was changed, and his thoughts troubled him. The judge seemed to clutch his stomach. Then he took a swallow of water. Godfrey stood up, wearing his shackles, and stared into the eyes of the judge and said, “The Writing is On the Wall.” The judge looked back down at his paper, then again looked over at Godfrey. Godfrey looked the judge deep in his eyes and then sat back down. Still, the judge remained silent as he wiped his forehead. Looking back down at the letters “Spelled” out across the paper, the judge said, “Redemption is at hand”. The judge’s tongue seemed to cleave to the roof of his mouth, but he grabbed his stomach instead of his mouth. He tried to read the name; however, he could not pronounce any of the Spellings. Burdens shouted in a loud voice at his friend the judge, “Look, John, he’s doing it again! Cant you see! Why would you say that Redemption is at hand?! For Christ’s sake John, don’t you know what the word Gullah really means John! You better not let him get away with this! He’s using his Black Gullah Jac Voodoo Witchcraft Magic!” As the judge jumbled his words in an attempt to respond, Burdens and his confederate bystanders jumped on Godfrey and began assaulting him. A big scuffle broke out and Godfrey was at the bottom of it all still in shackles. After the police pulled off all the fighting confederates to finally calm the scuffle, Chrissy was found at the bottom of the crowded pile. They helped him back to his feet and everyone could not help but to notice the red shoe marks across his face and forehead, as the court records detailed. Godfrey, however came up missing. He was nowhere to found. GULLAH JAC had somehow managed to escape again. The report shows Chrissy Littlerock was then unable to hold his bowels. Shows he made a nasty scene in the courtroom. Burdens accused Gullah Jac of using his witchcraft on him which causes him to continuously have problems holding his bowels. (Daniel 5:6) The warrant has yet to be served as the Charleston County Sheriff Slave Patrol has not been able to capture the infamous GULLAH JAC. Authorities ask for any assistance with apprehending Godfrey GULLAH JAC. They are asking that you please call the authorities of the city or Deputy Chief Dudy. The Black Chariot GULLAH JAC drives is currently being shown throughout the city and a reward will be paid for any assistance leading to his capture.]]>

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