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Charleston Slave Auction Market Walking Tour

Adult Over 13 years old
Child Under 13 years of age

A Tour Like Never Ever Before Now.

The Actual Birth Place Where Black History Began. he Charleston Slave Auction Market Walking Tour, with Godfrey KHill Gullah Jack, the Indigenous Indigo GeeChi Native Charleston Barbenyah Tour Guide.

We begin on the very steps of the Enslaved Gullah GeeChie ancestors on the Front steps of the Charleston Slave Auction Market, where the Largest amount of Hebrew Israelites was Sold to the Highest Bidder. Slaves For Sale was the sign seen throughout the city streets. Slave Auction Blocks can still be seen Hidden throughout the Holy City.

We walk along Church street to see Blood Alley. Amen Allen is now called Blood Alley because of all of the Blood the Slaves gave to their Slave Massas.
We will also see many Big Mean Concentration Camp Buildings of Torture and unimaginable Pain. Charleston was proudly known for perfecting Hurt and bending a man’s will from wild to happy and peacefully “Broken.” The Stockholm Syndrome can still be seen in many of the Enslaved descendants, the African Americans.

Both physical and Mental Torture was the preferred excitement for Charleston’s Holy City. Having more Churches than Rome, Charleston could see every Runaway Slave because of their many very tall Runaway Slave Look Out Towers. The Church steeples are camouflaged lookout towers for the runaway Israelite slaves.

Each time a slave was seen trying to escape Charleston’s Death Concentration Camps to save their lives, the City Alert System would scream out Loud, Dong, Dong, Dong! The mighty church bells would start singing the sound of the Alarm system warning everyone to be on alert. Then the sign of the light would shine in the direction the escaped Israelite went running in. Whenever you hear the Church Bell Ring, you will know precisely how the escaped Gullah Geechee Slave Heard. This tour experience will give you a much better idea of how we Colored, Black, African American Gullah Geechee have always been made to feel.

Perspective is Key, and it is undoubtedly Hard to see at first, but once you do see Charleston’s real Black History, you will Never be able to unsee it. Book your tour now.