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From Negroes back to Hebrews to Gullah & Geechee

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From Negroes back to Hebrews to Gullah & Geechee: Black into the lite tour of Charleston.

Returning from the Darkness of Unknowing who you truly are, back into the Lite of Understanding the Knowledge of Self.

The Awakening IsReal.

Discover Charleston’s Lost History, the real Black History Hidden in the dark, terrifying shadows of time passed away. Four Hundred Prophetic years ago (Genesis 15:13, Acts 7:6 KJV), slavery began in America officially and legally under “the law,” on August 21, 1619, in Point Comfort, VA. On that dark day, the “Blood Moon” slowly covered over the sun, creating the 1st of the four great eclipses the Biblical prophecy warned of. The prophet Moses warned the Hebrew Israelites, the twelve tribes of Israel, explaining in great detail the Four-Hundred Year Curse of the most horrific Slave captivity in human history. The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade stole the Hebrew Israelites from the Cradle of Civilization, mother Africa. The colonizers sailed, and row row rowed their large cargo slave boats gently across the Atlantic Oceans, streaming straight into Charleston. The Cradle of Slavery, where life for the bloodline of God was pure hell. The life of the colonizers, on the other hand, was nothing but a dream, for real. Charleston earned the nickname Heaven, the Capital of Slavery and Sin City.

Now ten years in a row, Charleston is the number one city in the world for tourism/history. Charleston’s history is that real Black History that is not written about in the school books.

The real reason as to why white America is happy when Black Americans do not know what their nationality is.

On September 5th, 1774, the thirteen European colonies met in Philadelphia in the Carpenter’s Hall building, where they could have come together in a secret council meeting. It was a Masonic convention where the colonizers had their private meeting with the most important secrets were written and hidden under the law. This secret meeting of the “Strange People” was originally called the “Odd Fellows Convention.” However, the European history books recorded the more popular name, the First Continental Congress, and George Washington was elected chairman of the convention. The Masonic code word for the thirty-third-degree freemason is he was elected Grand Master.