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The name African American

The name African American was made up by Jessie Jackson in 1985. (source: Charlotte News paper)

African American, where’d that name come from? African American history, exactly what kind of history is African American?   

Come and take a real African American history tour in Charleston. Take an African American history tour with the cities only Full Blooded Native Gullah Historian and Tour Guide, Godfrey Gullah Jac. 

Gullah Jac is Black to tell the secrets of Charleston the Holy City. 

It’s the African American history the white tour guides will not talk about. 

Boi Look Yah …  Charleston does not want Blacks and White coming together and talk about its lucrative Slave history. When Blacks and Whites talk about the past; Healing happens and its a pretty amazing and life changing experience. Now is the time to take your real African American history tour with Godfrey Gullah Jac and see the side of Charleston that nobody sees. 

Slavery is the number one reason tourist come to Charleston and then nobody talks about Slavery. 

We talk about Slavery. 


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