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Geechee Gullah Walking Tour

Quick Details

Child Ages 12 and under
Visitor Center Adult
Visitor Center Child

Walking tour through The Battery

The Battery is Charleston’s most beautiful historical city in the world. We walk and talk about this beautiful hidden history that began right where the cannons & cannon balls still stand today. These were the very first shots fired that sparked the beginning of that world famous Civil War. The movie Glory where the 54th Massachusetts regiment did the impossible feat of saving Fort Sumter which we can see from here.

On this tour we will see:
Hanging trees
Slave auction blocks
Largest slave highway in the world
Largest slave cemetery in the world
Pineapple water fountain
Underground dungeons & tunnels
Statue of Lucifer/Lucy
Key locations where spirits, ghosts & demons dwell

The Meeting location for this tour is the Charleston Battery in front of the confederate statue. The tour will end at the pineapple fountain on Waterfront park