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Gullah Jac

The Resurrection of Jacob, Aka: Gullah Jac. The Resurrection of Gullah Jac, The Gullah Man. Some call him Jacob and others call him Jac.  Jac is the nickname to Jacob.  


GULLAH JAC IS BACK!  Back from where you may ask?? Back from the dead of course. They didn’t believe him when he told them. He tried to warn them he could not die and would surely be returning to finish the work that his King Yahawshi had begun.  Christ is King of the Gullah Geechee. Gullah Jac follows Christ and does whatever he commands of him. This is why he was hung from a tree in the exact same manor and honor Christ was hung from a tree. (Acts 5:30 The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye KILLED and HANGED ON A TREE).  

Christ hung from that tree just like the strange fruits hung from trees in the Holy City of Charleston. The slaves were hung by their necks until they died. They were customarily left swinging on the Live Oak tree’s thick branch for no less than three days before taken down. This is why they are called, “Weeping Trees that Cry Real Tears.” 

Today Charleston is the number one city in the nation nine years in a row for its sensitive Slave History | Tourism. Charleston is America’s number one city for tourism and it’s known for its amazingly Secret & Hidden Slave history. 

Charleston’s elites and corruptors of political powers using crafty council, quickly ruled against Gullah Jac, with the purpose of killing him by hanging. (Psalms 83:2-6)

They laughed and mocked him while they tortured his blood soaked and beaten body.  Saying things like, “Lets see if you escape this time.”  “Lets see if your voodoo can save your or your brothers.” “Call upon your God to save you now.”  “You fought under a banner of invincibility yet you are not at all invincible.”  Your conjuring voodoo black magic has escaped you, for you and your men are undone and you will be confined to the cold and silent grave as your days are literally numbered, Gullah Jacob!”

Gullah Jac had a blue crab’s claw hanging from out of his mouth and from around his neck when they hung him.


The hanging tree still sits in the center of the street Ashley Ave, as a silent sign and reminder. A silent yet powerful reminder of the horrible murders that happened there.  

Now that Jacob has returned to Charleston, the claws hanging from his mouth and around his neck belong to that of a large Black Emperor Scorpion. Gullah Jac has always been known to have special spiritual powers. Well his powers are certainly much more stronger now that he has returned and risen from the dead. He’s returned to finish the work that he and Jesus the Christ started. 

July 12, 1822, is the date Charleston’s wicked elites and its sure politically powerful, killed Gullah Jac and 35 other innocent black men. They were all killed by hanging them from a tree. (Galatians 3:13 Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:)

Yahawah has not forgotten the sins of their fathers of those who now rule over the Holy City this very day. The rulers are ruling with Blood Stained hands. (Isaiah 14:21) (Zachariah 11:5) 

Gullah Jacob said, “You are the enemy of Yahawah & Yahawahshi. You have no possibility of victory here. When you strike down my body, I will return. At that time I will become even more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” (John 2:9)

No matter what they do to his body, it’ll have no effect on his Soul. Gullah is much more than flesh but it is purely Spiritual.  Gullah is the pure Spirit of Yah. Gullah is the key to our Redemption as Christ is our Redeemer. (Galatians 3:13) 

Gullah is much to powerful for anyone to kill. Your arms are to short to fight with Yah. Gullah Jac is back and all of the lies that have been spoken about and written about him can and will all be put to rest. No false accusers could ever represent his truth.  

They never knew him yet they write books and stories about his life. They have never seen him yet they write descriptions of how how he looked and acted. The people that killed and hated Gullah Jacob, are the same people that write about his legacy today.  The lies will now be brought into the light of the Son. Gullah Jac speaks for himself and he will tell his own stories. Many stories have been written about him from the perspective of the wicked and blood thirsty. Now is the time for Truth.

The full moon is the sacred feminine and she is known for revealing secret truths. We are now in the time of the Super Blood Moons. The Great Eclipse just visited the Holy City of Charleston and the Super Blood Red Moon as well as the Super Blue Blood Moon.

This is the time that the ancient elders, ancestors, profits and the Angels have all been waiting for. The Great Moon reveals her glory over the Holy City and her Holy Waters. Gullah Jac… is BACK!

The Resurrection of Gullah Jac, Godfrey the Gullah Man!




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