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Gullah Jac documentary Charleston’s Secrets

Only 33 more days before the filming of the Documentary about Charleston’s most historical secrets. What does Gullah really mean? Finally, the true history of those Blacks, African American slave descendants of Charleston. If any of the Gullah people were ever caught talking about their history, they would be hanged on one of Charleston’s beautiful [...]

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Bachelorette party having Real Slave Talk In Charleston the Holy City

Bachelorette party having Real Slave Talk In Charleston the Holy City African American history, Black history, and Slave history hiding right here in Charleston tourism. It's where the same Slave plantations have never closed down but are still open for big business today.  We offer Charleston’s real Slave History.  Black people and White people talking [...]

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The name African American

The name African American was made up by Jessie Jackson in 1985. (source: Charlotte News paper) African American, where’d that name come from? African American history, exactly what kind of history is African American?    Come and take a real African American history tour in Charleston. Take an African American history tour with the cities only [...]

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Gullah is Life over Death

Gullah is Life over Death I was walking along King Street late one evening and I met a man by the name of Michael. He is a very kind man of great character. He works hard everyday and he never asks anybody for anything. Michael works for everything he has and he gives away more than [...]

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